About us


After years of being urged by friends and acquaintances to follow her heart and pursue her true passion, Andrea Carneiro made the bold decision to leave behind her successful corporate career and dive headfirst into the world of interior design. This pivotal moment led to the establishment of AC Design, a manifestation of her unwavering dedication and commitment to helping others live in exceptional style.

Driven by a belief that everyone deserves to dwell in spaces that reflect their unique story, Andrea embarked on a journey of continuous education, professionalism, and unwavering dedication. AC Design was born from the idea that a home is more than just a physical structure—it is a sanctuary where one finds their center and creates lasting memories.

Andrea’s design philosophy revolves around blending modern and classic elements to achieve a timeless and harmonious transitional style. By striking a perfect balance between clean lines, inviting textures, and refined finishes, she crafts aesthetics that are both sophisticated and practical. Andrea Carneiro Design prides itself on collaborating closely with each client, tailoring every project to their distinct personality and lifestyle. This collaborative approach ensures that every home designed by AC Design becomes a welcoming and enduring space.

Based in Houston, AC Design specializes in residential projects, offering a comprehensive range of interior design and redesign services. From conceptualization to execution, Andrea and her team pour their expertise and creativity into crafting spaces that go beyond expectations. Their focus is on creating homes that exude comfort, functionality, and timeless beauty.

With a profound passion for design and an unwavering commitment to her clients, Andrea Carneiro and AC Design have become synonymous with excellence in Houston’s interior design scene. Their dedication to creating personalized and remarkable spaces continues to transform houses into cherished homes, one project at a time.

Certified & Qualified Residential Interior Designer